What is required to make sharelephant work?

In order to let us access the notes you update you first have to authorize with Evernote and then also add a tumblr blog so we can post it somewhere. If the tumblr blog is missing, we still do get notifications from Evernote but ignore them since they can not be published.

What is sharelephant doing with my authentication token after I have granted permission?

In reality, sharelephant could read and update any note you have in your Evernote account, however we only read the notes which have a -sharelephant tag attached to them and are modified after you have signed up for sharelephant. We would really like to have a more granular permission system but the next lower step is only inserting notes which sadly does not work for us.

Does sharelephant slow down the synchronisation process?

No. We get a notification from Evernote after the syncing process has been finished. At that point only the Evernote servers get a bit more load, but they are perfectly happy with that and do not cause any further delays.

Which notes will be published?

Only notes which have a -sharelephant tag associated to them and are updated after you have signed up for sharelephant. Furthermore those notes have to contain valid data for a certain type of post as written in the how-to.

What is getting stored on sharelephant servers?

Sharelephant will only store metadata and not the actual note content. That means we store the note guid (a unique note identifier) and the note title which is used to show the notes which have been published lately. The rest, the note content, is stream processed, meaning it is only stored within memory and gets discarded as soon as we are done with publishing that note.

How do I delete a sharelephant account?

Currently, that is not possible via a click of a button however in case you are sick of sharelephant drop us a note to [email protected] and we will remove you from the system.

Alternatively or in addition you can also deactivate the API key for sharelephant in the Evernote service dashboard.

Is it possible to change the post type eg. from -text to -photo once it has been published?

No, that is currently not possible. We are working on that though.