Privacy Policy

We at sharelephant are taking your privacy very seriously. Hence we came up with this summary to tell you how we collect and store your data. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, say hello at [email protected].

Account Information

When signing up with Evernote we receive an authentication key from their servers which we will use to read only those notes you want to publish via sharelephant later on. This authentification key is like a username and password together, that is why we store it securely encrypted in our database. Besides the key we also extract your Evernote username and your user ID so we can later associate incoming changes with your user account and publish the notes accordingly.

After logging for the first time you will be asked for your email address which gets stored alongside your authentification key. We will never hand it over to third parties. The only reason we require you to enter one is in case we need to inform you about important changes or Evernote authentication key duration of a year is running out and we need you to login again.

When connecting one or more tumblr blogs or tumblelogs as they are called, tumblr sends us back an authentication key and secret which will be stored on our servers alongside the tumblelog name to which sharelephant should post your notes to.


Everytime a note with a -sharelephant tag attached is created or updated sharelephant will receive a notification containing the Evernote user ID, the note ID and a reason to tell wether that note was created or updated. We then take your Evernote API key and fetch the note associated to that note ID we just received. In case the tags associated make sense to our server we will clean up the content and post it to tumblr for you. That being said, at no point will we ever store any note contents on our disks. If the publishing operation succeeds we will save the note title and ID, along with the ID the post on tumblr has, into our database so you can see what has been posted on your behalf.


As many other sites we also need to rely on Cookies. Cookies are small files that are getting sent to our server with every request you make. Those Cookies help us identify if you are signed in or out really nothing more to that.

The data is yours

Your data is yours. If you delete your account, we delete all data. We will never share any of your data with any third party for commercial purposes.